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About Us

Our Story

New Zealand Owned. Created and manufactured by Bruce and Anne Preddy, lifestyle block owners in Waihi.

Having purchased a lifestyle block and starting to stock it with the required chickens, cows and sheep not to mention the cat and dog, we had dreams of supplementing our living costs with the sale of surplus animals and their by products.


It was a real shock to us when we first shore our sheep and we went to sell the wool. The price we could get was so low it wouldn’t have covered the cost of the fuel to get the wool to the wool buyer.


This got us thinking that there had to be an alternative use for this wool so we went online to see what people in other countries were doing with their wool. We found that quite a few people overseas were turning the wool into an additive to add to the soil to enhance the soil composition. This was very interesting as we have been trying to run our lifestyle block along organic principles and not use chemical fertilisers and sprays.


We have previously experimented with making our own sheep feed pellets, seaweed fertiliser and comfrey fertiliser so we had a pellet machine sitting in our shed that we thought we would try putting the wool through. After a bit of trial and error, we were able to compress the sheep wool into pellet form that can be used either on top of the soil as a mulch or mixed into the soil as an additive to reduce the amount of watering the plants require and also break down to provide nutrients to the soil for the plants to utilise.


This to us was a win-win situation as we were able to find an alternative use for the wool and also stick with our principles of not using chemical fertilisers and sprays.